Kevin Gabriel‘s
freelance work is
managed by FRANK

Skill Tags: Motion Graphics, Cinema 4D, CGI, 3D generalist, After Effects, Motion Graphics Designer.
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FRANK’s unique recruiting module leverages your social media presence to seamlessly and organically build your network through your own trusted contacts and friends. Curating and growing a strong roster of talents is the fuel to business success, this is the freelance referral system you’ve been waiting for.

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FRANK lets you securely assemble all of your freelance contacts in a single place, see their current availability, and reserve them for all of your project needs. FRANK’s intuitive interface lets you organize your freelance contacts by specialty, location, and rate. With your own private tags and notes that are only visible to you, you can evaluate and catalog your freelancers by any skill you want.

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FRANK’s unrivaled booking function lets you “hold” multiple freelancers for upcoming jobs, avoid last-minute staffing disasters, and easily lock down the talent you want when budgets are approved and projects are ready to move forward. Based on a practical honor system that’s beneficial for freelancers and employers alike, this feature saves you time on your way to doing better work.