5,096 freelancers were booked 4,849 times


Do you hire freelancers
on a regular basis?

Frank is designed to make your work easier:


The best way to
book freelancers

With FRANK, you get all your freelance contacts in one place. Sort by skills, see who's available and book in seconds with just a few clicks.

Avoid last-minute
staffing disasters

FRANK lets you 'hold' freelancers in advance for upcoming jobs, locking down the talent you want and avoiding last-minute staffing disasters.

Expand your list of
qualified freelancers

FRANK leverages your social media presence by effortlessly building your contact list through your own trusted contacts and friends.

Your contacts are private and secure

FRANK is 100% private.
Contacts you import are visible only to you. Booking, conversation or relationship can be seen by nobody but you.

Strong SSL encryption
All pages and communication are protected by SSL encryption, ensuring a safe and secure environment in which to do business.

Safe from data loss and corruption
FRANK is based in the cloud. This means the higest level of security and redundant infrastructure which eliminates accidental data loss or corruption.