What is FRANK?
FRANK brings employers and freelancers together by streamlining the booking process that accompanies every short-term job. FRANK makes it easy for employers to hire freelancers, and for freelancers to find new work. FRANK is also a powerful communication tool that organizes your conversations with your employer into one place, eliminating the need for long email chains.

FRANK for Employers
For employers, FRANK is the easy way to book freelancers, temp workers, consultants or contractors. It doesn’t matter whether the project is a year away or starting tomorrow, FRANK allows you to get all your resources in place quickly and efficiently by streamlining the recruiting, negotiating and booking processes.

FRANK for Freelancers
For freelancers, FRANK is the easy way for employers to book you. With FRANK, you spend less time coordinating your various freelance jobs and more time working. Along with broadcasting your availability for new work, FRANK allows you to grow your list of employers and promote yourself. You can even accept and reply to work requests from any mobile OS.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having problems logging in.
If you’re having trouble logging in, please double check that you’re using the email address that you signed up with. If you’ve forgotten your email address or password, use the recovery options below the sign in box. If you require additional support, please contact FRANK support at

What’s the difference between an employer and a freelancer in FRANK?
FRANK users are asked to sign up as either an employer or a freelancer. These two types of users perform different tasks, and each is equipped with unique capabilities. Employers have the ability to import freelancer contacts that they can book for work. Freelancer accounts cannot import contacts or book other users, but they can set their availability to make it easy for potential employers to know when they are available for work. All booking is done by employers.

Is FRANK private?
Yes. FRANK is not a social network. Contacts you import are visible only to you. Booking activity and conversations are kept completely private, granting access to only those parties directly involved. Freelancers also have the option of keeping their work schedule private. In addition, all pages and communication are protected by SSL encryption, ensuring a safe and secure environment in which to do business. To learn more, read the FRANK privacy policy.

I have a new feature to suggest.
FRANK is always updating, evolving and adding new features. If you have a feature you would like to see in future FRANK update, please let us know. Send your suggestions to

How do I cancel my Account?
To cancel your monthly subscription or close your FRANK account, please contact FRANK support at with “Cancel account” in the subject line.